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Every porn site has ads these days. Most of those ads say something along the lines of "Girls that want to Fuck Tonight" or "Meet Horny MILFs" and these ads will inevitably lead you to a dating site registration page. As anyone that has tried to find sex through one of these sites can tell you, some are better than others. Some offer a great view, while others can actually help find you a girl to have sex with.

The rule of thumb to follow with these sites is that you should trust your gut. If a hot woman messages you before you even have your profile completed, then you should take note. That girl isn't real.

So, with all the fakes, how do you find a real girl to fuck tonight?

If you want to find sex with a fuck buddy on a dating site, you need to message the girls that look real and are within your league. This first requires a true self-assessment so you can rate yourself objectively on a scale of 1-10. This can be painful, but it is necessary. You want to reign in your expectations and realize your sexual desire for a sex partner tonight is going to come at some cost. While the sex is free, the cost to you is that you'll be finding people who are also desperate for sex, which already means they aren't the cream of the crop.

Yes, it is a sex site and there are easy women out there you can meet that are sexy, but this is the exception not the rule. In most cases, you'll find women that are slightly overweight, older, or simply not that attractive. The 18 year old messaging you on your mobile isn't real, she's usually trying to get you to come to a webcam site or sign up for some other membership. It's the 42 year old with 3 kids and a husband that can be your gem.

"What I've found in my long history with and AshleyMadison is that it's the women in their early 40's in loveless marriages that are the best to pursue. They are genuinely looking to meet for sex only, many have had plastic surgery, they're likely to work out, and their sexual appetite is unrivalled. These are the women you should be messaging on any adult dating site." - Troy, AZ

These older ladies are always interested in being discreet, so you have to be careful what time of day you contact them once you've established a line of communication. You can't call these ladies on a whim because they have too much going on, so you have to be smart. Learn about her relationship and if he's away a lot, and generally try to keep your messages on the website so there's less of a trail.

Once you land one of these fun ladies, keep her on speed dial. You never know when you'll need to call her again.